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The Rescuer's Path

Ursula Le Guin called The Rescuer’s Path "exciting, physically vivid, and romantic," Cheryl Strayed has termed it "vivid, humane, and wise," and Carole Glickfeld "could not stop reading this novel." Set in 1971, this novel turns the "outlaw" archetype into a tale of compassion and the struggle against injustice.

The Change Chronicles: A Novel of the Sixties Antiwar Movement

Based in the author's experiences as an "underground press" reporter and many years of social justice activism and historical research, this novel traces a young woman's struggle from self-doubts to self-determination and "revolutionary consciousness" amid the nonviolent antiwar movement in late-1960s Berkeley.

* "This is a book to share and discuss. A triumph." --Wesley Hogan, Director, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University

* "Friedman tells the story of the betrayal of a woman--and a generation--with the raw intensity, vivid sense of place, and credibility of somebody who was there." --Maya Khankhoje, contributing editor, Montreal Serai, and author, A Panther in Your Dreams
* "Beautifully crafted personal and political coming-of-age novel. Haunting." --Mei-Mei Ellerman, PhD, Resident Scholar, Brandeis Women's Research Center

* "Your book means so much to me. . . . Truly captures the essence of those difficult years, 1965 to 1969." --Sandy Musser, adoption reform activist, author of To Prison with Love and I Would Have Searched Forever

Time and Other Details

From the Oregon State Poetry Association Award winner "You!" to the much-published "Hospital" and "A Welfare Mother to Her Children," these poems explore how politics, desperation, and love weave our lives and years.