Paula Friedman


The Rescuer's Path
Ursula Le Guin calls The Rescuerís Path "exciting, physically vivid, and romantic," Cheryl Strayed calls it "vivid, humane, and wise," and Carole Glickfeld "could not stop reading this novel." Set in 1971, this novel turns the "outlaw" archetype into a tale of compassion and struggle against injustice.

First published in Viet Nam Generation and called "the voice of our generation" at the 1995 Movement Memoir Writers Conference, this article traces a woman's coming to radical consciousness and "revolutionary hope" amid the nonviolent antiwar movement in late-1960s Berkeley.

Time and Other Details
From the Oregon State Poetry Association Award winner "You!" to the much-published "Hospital" and "A Welfare Mother to Her Children," these poems explore how politics, desperation, and love weave our lives and years.

Selected Works

When Malca rides off-trail, she discovers a wounded antiwar activist--and her own courage.
Magazine Article
A young woman learns self-trust in the Berkeley 1960s antiwar movement
Selected poems of history, family, struggle, love, and death--details of time's thrust.

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