Paula Friedman


A young woman's journey to radical consciousness, motherhood, and "revolutionary hope" amid the nonviolent antiwar movement of late-1960s Berkeley. Highlighted by a civil disobedience demonstration against the Port Chicago/​Concord Naval Weapons Station near the San Francisco Bay Area, this Pushcart Prizeľnominated essay illuminates why the movement changed each woman and man who lived it. Originally appeared, as "You asked 'What was happening then?'" in Vietnam Generation, vol. 6; a short form appeared in First of the Month, no. 18 (summer 2007).

Selected Works

When Malca rides off-trail, she discovers a wounded antiwar activist--and her own courage.
Magazine Article
A young woman learns self-trust in the Berkeley 1960s antiwar movement
Selected poems of history, family, struggle, love, and death--details of time's thrust.

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